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from Beyond the Deep Water by Ivette Martinez

Copyright © 2018–2020 Karla Martinez


Never in her life, Camille had the thought to meet with a god, but now she’s face to face with an incredible image of a “man’ with an expressionless face. Camille holds her towel tight to her chest, with the dull sound of her name she’s fallen into a spell of serenity.

“To be honest, I don’t know how to react right now. I know for sure I’m making a mistake to talk to you in such an educated way but, I just, I can’t, I mean… Sorry,” Camille apologizes with honesty, her stomach wobbles uncontrollably with anxiety as she becomes aware of his sharp eyes watching her bare skin.

“Calm down.” He orders, forcing her to seal her lips in a blink of an eye.

“I do not mean to paralyze yourself.” He sighs with a hint of frustration.

“I’m sorry…”

“I understand this might be surprising to you, but you have to stop apologizing for matters you cannot control,” he finally lets his calm voice enchanted her soul, immediately satisfied with the reaction, he’s lips twist with a little smile.

Incredibly curious to see she’s been torn in every way possible, but still, she forces herself to pretend like nothing is hurting her. He measures her grief and desire to erase the terrible marks a monster has left in her.

“To be honest, I’ve heard Azzel, Kaiden and Silvanus talked about you but…” she stops to raise her eyes and look at him directly.

“It doesn’t compare to have you like this, in front of me, so close but unattainable at the same time.” Her voice trembled nervously, realizing that indeed she’s lucky to be able to experience something so magical. Her violet eyes gaze at him as he paces towards the couch, Camille gulps trying to ease her heartbeat.

“To be honest, I feel the same way about your presence here.” the god comforts her with a friendly tone. He glances out of the window at a bright moon rising in the horizon, taking a seat on the cloud-like couch, Axl makes himself at home.

“And like this...” she smiles sarcastically at herself, her toes flexed to the point of her making her veins visible. An action that makes him smile again, something he finds himself doing more with her.

Axl quietly lets her nerves settle down, Camille looks too breakable to handle his personality but then, again, he finds himself trying to keep his delicacy with her. Holding off to not be the heartless and temperamental being he’s known to be with everyone that meets him. Even his most loyal servants know not to cross his boundaries.

“I wonder…” Axl starts with a silent mumble, as his eyes measure the extent of her will to stay in his world, which is conflicting with the affliction to go back to a cruel life. To sacrifice her happiness and sanity for others. For him, frowning at the thought he moves through the collected energy around her.

“If I do tell you why you are here, will you ask me to send you back?” The question seems to be mostly to himself, but Camille can’t ignore the slight touch of sadness in his beautiful eyes. Deep down, Axl knows that her yarn to go back is in a ...

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