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from Beyond the Deep Water by Ivette Martinez

Copyright © 2018–2020 Karla Martinez


In her mind, Camille travels back to her favorite place, where a radiant curtain of red and orange spreads on the horizon; the gentle breeze of a welcoming evening fans through her curls. She lays on the grass, gazing up to the open sky. Nostalgia starts to wake up in her heart and sadness fills up her chest. Camille used to spend her evenings observing the sunsets with Adam. It was the perfect way to erase the torture she had to endure behind closed doors, Adam was her medicine, the best medicine.

A knot builds up in her throat as the melancholic memory expands in her soul, to remember how he would smile and heal her would. He would get angry but tried his best to support her decision. Camille sits on the edge of her window, letting the low wind caress her skin; her lungs fill up with the fresh scent of green grass, wet dirt, and pure water from the many fountains that decorate the fantastic kingdom. Another day ended, and she never got to meet with him. Azzel has been kind enough to accompany her to ensure she doesn’t get in any trouble before meeting his master.

Camille tries to find a way to relax her wary heart, recollect her strength, and maybe grow some courage before facing someone that seems to be very cautious about humans. Lost in thoughts, she walks into the marvelous spring in the middle of her bathroom. A natural well of a warm aqua color, so mesmerizing and calming to her body. The vapor takes over the sealed room as the strong aroma of herbs and mint, like a magic spell, it wraps her body soothing her pores, traveling through her cells, taking her on a much-needed journey of healing.

Submerging herself in the crystalline water; her body shrinks while she breathes in the calming steam. Opening up her lungs to purify her spirit, Camille’s skin turns softer and tender as her pores absorb the humidity. She closes her eyes to concentrate on the warmth of the water cleaning up her body, pressing her knees against her chest to give herself some comfort, to keep inside the loneliness that embarks her when the memories of her loved ones become more distant.

The thought of a desperate boy looki...

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