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from Beyond the Deep Water by Ivette Martinez

Copyright © 2018–2020 Karla Martinez


Camille runs back to her room, the warning in Silvanus’ voice still echoes in her brain, to think that she’s been brought to this world to see a god that seems to be arrogant and grumpy. Someone everyone respects but don’t seem to love at all.

“What kind of god can that be?” Camille wonders to herself as she closes the door behind her.

She paces back and forth but is unable to settle down; instead Camille tries to make sense of her situation, to figure out the best way to have a conversation with someone apparently fearless and dominant by the reaction of others. She steps out onto the balcony to let the sunset calm her nerves. Recollecting the politest words she can come up with, Camille’s heart drops at the sudden touch of a hand on her shoulder. Unable to contain her surprise, Camille jumps back to find an angel standing behind her.

“It is alright, my lady. Is only me,” Kaiden soothes with a patient tone that immediately charms her soul. Camille is not used to having someone as dazzling as Kaiden so close by, but there’s something genuinely calming about this angelic-looking man. Something she can’t figure out, it’s something beyond his perfect physical appearance. The light of his eyes hypnotizes her soul, in a familiar way that she can’t explain.

“My god, Kaiden...” Camille stutters awkwardly, realizing the irony in the words as they slip her mouth. A common expression humans use might have a different meaning in this world, and that worries her.

Looking up at Kaiden’s mesmerizing eyes, hypnotizing her with a bright golden color that looks like a pair of golden coins. Her heart to skip a beat as he gazes down into her soul, something she fights at all cost. Camille has zero to no experience with men, at least good men, except for Adam. Feeling comfortable around someone as attractive as Kaiden is something new to her, but to think that she might be betraying Adam in any way keeps her on her toes.

The gentile energy Kaiden carries within overshadows the aberrant experiences she has had thanks to a degradable monster like Steve. The disgust she feels about having Steve’s marks carved in her skin and deep in her soul is something she wants to hide no matter what.

Camille takes a cautious step back to feel more relaxed, but unfortunately for her, her scars are visible to anyone in the Gods’ World. Although he can’t speak about what he sees, Kaiden needs to fulfill his duty to find out if Camille has any possibility of helping his master find a way out of his darkness.

“My apologies,” Kaiden reflexes on her pained expression. The unsettled look of impatientness and maybe sadness gives him a sense of tranquility, Camille sighs in defeat.

“I’m sorry, I can’t get used to this place and the... people,” she fails to sound secure like she had always done, even when she never was. Kaiden keeps his silent judgment to himself, with the ability to stir up her deepest emotions. The mysterious man looks into his glowing eyes to figure out why Camille feels lost, lonely, and afraid.

“I can imagine, perhaps your human life was better?” Kaiden gives her the chance to speak her mind. In just one day, he has noted how she battles to look like she’s not falling apart. Camille’s eyes widen in awe for a short moment, pondering the context of his question. Looking into his bright eyes, she bursts out laughing for the first time in so long.

An action that Kaiden perceives as what it actually is; a loud cry for help in disguise. His eyes narrowed, contemplating the pure sentiment of wanting to liberate her soul. A spirit that’s desperate to find the light before the darkness takes over. He doesn’t need too much information to know that strangely, Camille is a pure and innocent soul mistreated by an evil desire for revenge. A f...

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