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from Beyond the Deep Water by Ivette Martinez

Copyright © 2018–2020 Karla Martinez


Nervously curling a strand of hair, she stops immediately to take the teacup one of the Blazers hands to her. Camille can’t take her eyes away from what seems to be a glittery bodysuit, the Blazer smiles with hypnotizing eyes, forcing Camille to reply shyly.

“Thank you,” she breathes out timidly, the woman only bows down and steps back.

“Would you sit with me for tea?” Silvanus requests pointing at a ceramic table set right in front of a window that holds a fantastic view of the open ocean.

The white sand of the beach shines with the afternoon sun. The tied looks calm as the seagulls make their way in the air. Silvanus smiles, noticing the evident struggle the girl has to follow the courtesy they show.

“Go ahead.” he encourages pointing at a chair, which he magically pulls back with a slight blast of wind. Camille flinches at the sudden display of magic.

She looks up at his one mysterious eye, Silvanus smiles and nods reassuring her hesitation. Camille takes a seat as he pours a cup of steaming hot tea, the minty steam caresses her nose, immediately calming her nerves.

“Sugar?” One of the Blazers asks as she opens an elegant ceramic container with sparkling cubes of sugar.

Her eyes widen with surprise but manage to politely decline while Silvanus analyzes her perplexed spirit, the struggle to adapt to this drastic change seems to make Camille jumpy of everything and everyone she sees. He can perceive her loneliness since she’s in a world where there’s no one like her. The Blazer turns to him as he takes two cubes for himself.

“The Blazers rest in this dark tower, they need to regain energy to take over the universe,” Silvanus explains as he notices the questions building up in her eyes.

“There are some places in the Gods’ World where Amarelo, the God of the Sun doesn’t reach,” he continues as the three girls walk back to rest. They curl up against each other, like cats, they close their bright eyes, and their light disappears as well.

“Seriously, when am I going to get used to this?” she murmurs mostly to herself. Taking a cautious sip of her tea, she relaxes as the liquid makes its way down her throat.

Camille wonders if the few times she was able to see a shooting star it’s actually one of them, which ...

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