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from Beyond the Deep Water by Ivette Martinez

Copyright © 2018–2020 Karla Martinez


A bright morning raises in the sanctuary of the Water Kingdom, a place where the blazing sun showers gardens and landscapes with eternal life. Birds chirp delightful melodies that awaken Camille's senses. A warm harmony that caresses her soul, filling her spirit with tranquility, a sensation brand new to her.

Struggling to gather her strength to open her eyes, she fights her heavy eyelids but the comfort of a cloud-like pillow doesn't let her. Wrapped in the warmth of a silk blanket, Camille feels in heaven, and at the moment this thought crosses her mind, she snaps her into reality. Camille sits up in shock as her eyes rescan the room, although it's the same room Azzel left her in, somehow it looks much more different than the night before. The blazing sunlight makes its way through the window, tickling her eyeballs.

Camille remembers the exhaustion got to the point of knocking her out on the couch but now, she's laying under blissful covers, surrounded by the divine smell of gardenias and mint. Abruptly jumping out of bed to her feet, contemplating the idea of maybe being dead. An idea that hadn't crossed her mind before, but now with a fresh mind Camille believes this could be a much more logic possibility.

"No way..." she says, patting her cheeks and forehead trying to see if there are any changes from the day before.

Her reflection on the window glass surprises her a little. To see the brightness in her eyes, it's enchanting. Her skin looks smoother with a delicate touch of peach. The thought of her soul being the one wandering around this paradise doesn't seem to be wrong at all. Camille paces in the enormous room.

Wondering if there's a possibility that her body can be laying somewhere in Primavera Town. That may be her mother found her, or even Adam. What if she drowned in the lake that night? Her soul is now awake, in a strange room, in a strange world.

Now, fully awake, Camille can see the completely breathtaking room. The curtains with diamond decorations cascading from the tall windows. Real diamonds embedded into the silk, making the fabric shine to live at the touch of sunlight, like magic. Silver slats tangled together in the form of ribbons.

The canopy bed, probably bigger than a king-sized bed rounded shape, a dresser twice bigger than the little dresser she owned in the human world. As incredible as it feels to be in a place with things she could only dream of before. Camille doesn't feel comfortable not knowing the reason she's here, in "her" room.

Remembering a soft voice calling out her name while sleeping, Camille wonders if the so-called God of Water will ever appear on a new day, and maybe tell her the truth. If she's really dead and the one experiencing this magic is actually her soul.

The thought of it makes her heart clench with sadness. Thinking that she might never get to see her family again. Her mother's desperate expression tortures her deep inside, imagining that she won't be able to see her a...

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