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from Don't Let Go by Karla Martinez

Copyright © 2019 Karla Martinez

Last Wish

The operating room was white and surrounded by machines. All types of monitors, cameras, and light, a lot of light, all on top of the operating table where my body was going to be laid down. There were more nurses walking around preparing the equipment. It felt nerve wrecking. Doctor Smith gave me a pat on the head, as Barbara was personally treating my body for all the needles that were going to be torturing me in the ride. Her eyes looked gentle, holding back the tears.

Everything was ready, I laid on the operating table, Barbara held my hand and squeezed it. I took in a deep breath as seven faces surrounded my body, I looked straight at the light trying not to cry.

"Ready?" Doctor Jackson asked, his voice gentle and reassuring. I nodded because words couldn't make it out.

"Don't give up," he whispered with hope. He who has been with me for my whole ride, he who had to be strong for all of us. Dr. Jackson smiled and left my life on his hands.

"What is your name?" Doctor Smith asked before he put the oxygen mask on my face.

"Samantha Marie Collins," I answered with a trembled.

As the mask covered my nose and mouth, inhaling the anesthesia, I close my eyes and lost consciousness. Please let me leave. I begged God one last time as everything became blank.

To Cameron....

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