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from Don't Let Go by Karla Martinez

Copyright © 2019 Karla Martinez

Ready to Fight

"Are you ready?" mom asked while drying my hair after a quick shower. She had been crying, I could see it in her bluish eyes. A hint of redness was trying to hide behind. I pretended not to notice, I knew she wanted it that way.

"Yeah, where's Cameron?" I asked, the blood rushing to my face when I remembered our last conversation of the night before. Strange that he wasn't there when I opened my eyes in the morning.

"Oh, that boy. He left pretty early. He said, he's going to do something urgently, but he'll be back before the surgery is over." Mom informed me with a satisfying smile. I thought for a moment, where could he be?

"Mom, can you do me a favor?" I asked when she was done drying my hair.

She smiled gently and nodded. She looked so fragile, almost like myself. She had lost weight. It wasn't just me suffering, everybody dear to me was suffering the same pain, but if they had hope, so did I.

"Can you give this to him?" I said handing her a closed envelope. She nodded with teary eyes. Noticing the ring on my finger, she smiled gently.

"Tell him, I say: I want him to read this while he waits for me," I said, the knot in my throat making it hard for me to talk. The back of my mind wa...

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