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from Don't Let Go by Karla Martinez

Copyright © 2019 Karla Martinez


I woke up in a hospital bed again. This time it looked more serious, I needed help to breathe and thanks to a ventilator, I could. Multiple IVs on both my arms; the nasty smell of medicine, chlorine, and rubber from the gloves was making me nauseous. The painful sting of the IV needles had my wrists numb and a little swollen. My skin was so pale, my veins were bluish and visible. The pain in my chest was gone, though. The air was slowly going to my lungs, but the taste of blood was still in my mouth. It was disgusting. My eyelids were heavy and tired. Though I could hear someone next to me, it was really difficult to hear a voice when all I could hear was the beeping sound of the monitor. The sound in the monitor was steady and that was good for me. Blocking out the beeping sound, I could hear a faintly female voice, concentrating more on it. It was Aubrey.

"Samantha... can you hear me?" Aubrey's calm voice filled the room. Though I could hear her, I couldn't speak through the oxygen mask I had ...

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