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from Don't Let Go by Karla Martinez

Copyright © 2019 Karla Martinez

The Beginning

"Why are you so quiet?" Cameron asked while walking me home, in the end everybody found out that Cameron and I were going out. Though I was happy, I couldn't show it when part of my face was stiff by the fury of Aubrey, and the last conversation with Yael. Cameron's best friend had left me in a blank page. I shook my head to focused only on Cameron.

"Did your sister say anything, or hurt you?" Cameron asked when he didn't get an answer out of me.

"No, we just talked and stuff, everything is okay," I said immediately. Cameron glanced at me; I turned away before he could see the bruise on my forehead.

"I'm sorry, in a way I understand Aubrey. She has always felt like you're the favorite. She just feels abandoned in a way, which I know it could be fixed if she can just talk about it." his words really sincere, so honest and innocent that my heart couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't keep on lying, Aubrey and Cameron needed to know. I sucked in a deep stabbing breath and wince at the sharp pain.

"Cameron..." pulling his hand to stop him, without noticing the time. We were already in front of my house. Cameron stopped when I pull his hand, his honey eyes widen with surprised.

"Remember, what I said last night?" I asked, Cameron's eyes immediately shine and went back to the embarrassing moment where I told him that I would fight to stay with him. He grinned happily.

"How could I forget? Thanks to that, for the first time in a long time I was excited to get home," he answered his eyes turning warm and gentle. It made my heart stab lightly, but I could hardly feel anything anymore, and that made me sad.

"I will not lose to anyone, because until you get tired of me... I have the right to be next to you, no matter what." I said ready to give a fight even against Aubrey, Rocky and even his past girlfriends. He smiled an angelic smile. Leaning closer to my face, he looked extremely pleased with my determination. Holding my hands.

"Sam, I will never get tired of you. Got that?" he said without hesitation.

"Though Mike keeps bugging me about other guys, he says that if I'm not the right boyfriend, you'll get tired of me. That jackass, is he even a graduated psychologist?" he commented mostly to himself.

I giggled, imagining Cameron and Mike talking about his issues. I knew by facts that even when he w...

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