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from Don't Let Go by Karla Martinez

Copyright © 2019 Karla Martinez

His Love

The pain on my face was nothing compared to the painful disappointment killing me deep inside. It was at times like this, that I hated how weak I was. If I were a normal girl with a healthy heart, I would be running the hallways to get to Aubrey but instead, I was just dragging my feet because I knew that if I tried even a little, I was going to be done for good. Stopping a few times to gasp for air. I reached the Infirmary before I collapse and make a scene. Thank God, everyone was still in class and I didn't have to force myself pretending to be strong.

After skipping the rest of my classes to calm my heart and my pulse, the nurse cleaned the light bruises on my forehead and made sure they were unseen. Though she kept asking who had hurt me, still I didn't know why I couldn't just tell her that my own sister did it. Did I still care for a sister who would do this to me? Was I that stupid?

"You're awake?" A very calming voice asked I could hear the sadness.

My sight finally focused enough, I forced my body to sit up. It hurt, the pain was something I never felt before. Sending cold chills all over my insides. I felt exhausted, feverish and drained. Yael saw ...

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