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from Don't Let Go by Karla Martinez

Copyright © 2019 Karla Martinez


The perfect feeling of being in love and being loved back to me was an amazing miracle, but to Cameron, it didn't feel perfect at all. I could see it, and it felt heavy on me too. His silence said more than he did, and though I wanted to know, and comfort him. I knew that he wasn't a guy that would let anyone see him weak. I had to patiently wait until he was ready to talk about his encounter with his father. After all, I had something to meditate to bring up to him as well.

We stopped in front of the footbridge that crossed the main Montgomery Village Road. The loud and blasting sound of incoming traffic could hardly let me concentrate on him. Slowly turning to face me, his honey eyes shine reflecting the lights of the cars passing by. I couldn't help but be captivated by him, something in those eyes that even with the intensity they possessed, I felt safe because those eyes never stopped showing love and care. Even when there was a deep struggle inside, a struggle breaking my heart. A lump formed in my throat and I wasn't sure why.

"Come," he said taking my hand, my heart dropped at the sound of his soft voice.

A faintly smile warmed me up and I followed as he led me towards the top of the bridge. Cameron's hand was always cold to the touch, but this time, they were gently warm. He kept them in his pockets until now. We stopped in the middle of the bridge. My eyes following his every move, I couldn't ignore the touch of sadness in his perfect face. He turned to the highway, showing his amazing profile. It was incredible to see the once worst player Cameron Derwood, now looking like a sad painting that translated everything he was feeling just by looking at it. He sighed lightly, his eyes narrowed. His perfect brows narrowed, forming a line in the middle of his forehead.

"I always wait for the lights to turn on and the darkness turns into this..." he explained as his eyes look into the highway.

The lights of hundreds of cars, like a river of swirling lights making his eyes shine and the sadness more visible. He was about to cry. My heart tightened, and I turned to face the highway with him. My free hand automatically gripped my chest; a beautiful swarm of light illuminated the highway. Like the light cords of a Christmas Tree

\twirling around, but this one looked magically alive. He squeezed my hand.

"It's cool, isn't it? It's better to see it from here," he commented still a hint of sadness in his voice. Without saying a word, I just stood beside him, leaning my head to rest on his shoulder; I let the mesmerizing lights sink in. Making it a memory of just the two of us. I held his hand tight, waiting to hear whatever was making him have these emotions.

"Since I was ten..." he paused to think f...

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