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from Don't Let Go by Karla Martinez

Copyright © 2019 Karla Martinez

His Demons

Finally, I could let all my frustration out. Mike listened to my story carefully, from the sushi rolls to the nights in the hospital, everything Doctor Jackson told me. Michael was like my dairy. I never talked that much, but with him, I had to do all the talking. He would only nod and sighed when needed.

"Your life is an adventure... Even when, you know..." he commented trying not to sound depressing. I smiled feeling relieved to talk and not worry about what he would say.

"Poor, Cameron, so he finally broke out of that shell," Mike said more to himself than to me. Taking a sip of his hot cocoa, one of Mike's favorite drinks to make. He turned his attention to my disappearing bruise, full counselor mood on.

"That guy is finally opening up again..." he continued, I thought for a minute and smiled sadly.

"Yeah right... that barrier he has it's made of hard brick..." I said not even trying to process that thought. I could see a little glimpse of the guy he tried to hide inside, but Rocky was right. If I wasn't going to survive, then why let him out of his safe place to hurt him again.

"Cameron is one messed up guy." he continued, catching my attention.

"So, I heard." I waited for him to add more.

"The so respectful and envied Mr. Cole Derwood, like every rich and powerful man in this dirty society, he has his double life. His dirty secrets that could destroy his reputation. Alcoholism, addicted to prescription drugs and violent when his orders are not followed... Imagine growing up with that father figure." Mike tone hardened, finally his always carefree face was showing a different expression. Anger and abomination. He hated his uncle, for breaking his cousin the way he did. My heart shuddered with the shocking truth.

"Cameron's mother suffered for many years, before and after Cameron was born. She was fragile, timid and always so shaky when he was around, it was sad to watch..." he paused to erase the awful memory.

"She loved Cameron. We couldn't deny that, but whatever she went through on God knows..." he paused for a moment and wondered again.

"In the end, not even her love for Cameron could hold her... I guess she got to a point, she coul...

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