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from Don't Let Go by Karla Martinez

Copyright © 2019 Karla Martinez


Getting late to class was not comfortable for anyone, especially the first day after Spring Break. Not that the teachers would say anything, they knew I was "Special". But, having everybody staring as soon as the door opened was what made me nervous. Handing in my excuse to Ms. DeMarco, she nodded, handing me a copy of her classwork. Quickly I moved to my regular seat.

"Okay, take your seat. Cameron, let Samantha see the notes, please." Ms. DeMarco asked of Cameron. Just my luck. Trying not to stumble I made it safe to my desk.

My eyes automatically turned to him. Finally catching a glimpse of Cameron after what seemed like an eternity. My mind went into shock for a second as our eyes met and he showed no response. Nothing but a cold empty glare. Yael's words echoed in my mind; the way he aggravated Cameron. The mention of his parents had set him off. Having Dr. Jackson's words present in my mind as well, I lowered my head avoiding his eyes. Maybe it was for the best to keep that distance until I could know for sure the surgery was a go. I glanced up at him, but he didn't move at all.

"You don't care if Yael lends you the notes, right?" he asked without even looking my way. His cold tone as he mentioned Yael's name caught my attention.

There was a new piercing on his left ear, he looked unconcerned but angry at the same time. Quickly looking for Yael, one seat behind Cameron, it shocked me a little to see a very visible black eye. He shook his head and handed me his notebook. I took it without hesitation, but my attention went back to Cameron that with more attention I could see, a light bruise on his right cheek. Had they finally broken down and went for a fistfight?

"No, it doesn't matter," he commented in a bitter tone and turned his attention to Ms. DeMarco.

Did my effort not to end their friendship go to waste? I tried to communicate with Yael in the same telepathic way he did with Cameron. But it didn't work.

As soon the bell rang ending the torture of not knowing, just as Ms. DeMarco left the room. Everyone started acting like they never left for v...

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