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from Don't Let Go by Karla Martinez

Copyright © 2019 Karla Martinez


"What's wrong?" Cameron asked, his arms still around my waist.

His chin resting on my head. We stayed in silent, sinking into the perfect moment. My stomach couldn't settle down, it was incredibly magical to feel his covering me with his body. I felt secure in his arms. The moment was so perfect it felt dangerous.

"So, you like me..." he commented nonchalantly.

"But what about Yael?" he continued and as soon as his name slipped his lips, my heart squeezed. I love Cameron, but I love Yael. Yael was important. He was my friend, and he was in love with Cameron too.

"I don't want to hurt Yael." I could hardly make up the words, my chest was aching to the point of tears. Cameron froze for a moment, taking a step back he noticed my struggle.

Just when he was going to open his mouth to say something. Loud footsteps rumbled from the hallway, snapped me awake from dreamland.

"Don't misunderstand..." I said noticing the doubt in his eyes. The fact that Yael was in love with him, I couldn't say. But I had to give him a reason to explain my closeness to Yael. Be honest. Tell him the truth! Slamming the door open, Aubrey's bluish eyes shot me with hate. It was clear in her eyes that if she could, she would have killed me, right then and there.

"Aubrey..." I tried to explain, but what could I say? She already knew my feelings for Cameron, she knew before anyone else, but why do I feel guilty? She had many chances, why couldn't I just be happy for the short time I had left?

Storming out the room, without thinking, I ran after her. I didn't know why, maybe just to explain to her that Cameron shared the same feelings, it was never a fight. Be honest, tell them! My subconscious was getting louder and louder, desperate because deep down I knew. God wouldn't let me just be happy without giving me a slap of reality first.

"Aubrey, wait!" I yelled after her, but she was too quick running down the steps, and my heart was already worn out. I could hear Cameron walking behind us, trying to understand what was going on.

"Aubrey!" I yelled as my chest stabbed making me stop; she finally stopped in the middle of the living room where everyone else stood in alarm.

Aubrey turned back, facing me with hateful teary eyes. She never saw me like a sister, to her I was always an enemy, the one that was taking everything from her. Her parents, her friends and the guy she liked. I shook my head trying to come up with an excuse, something that could distract everyone from seeing me die.

"You disgusting bitch! How could you do this to me!?" she hissed with despise, her fists trembling furiously.

Everyone around took a step back, I could see the shock on Amy's face. She had never seen Aubrey like that, I had never seen her like that.

"You didn't think of how I could feel at all, did you!?" Aubrey shouted across the room, holding back the urge to jump on me and slap me to her heart content. Although I was frustrated and afraid, I had to keep calm for my sake, for my heart sakes.

"Aubrey, you...." Cameron tried, but she raised her hand and stopped him.

"This is different, isn't it Sam?" Aubrey asked walking closer to me.

Yael already behind her to stop a very angry Aubrey whose face showed exactly what she wanted to do. Beat me to death. I didn't take a step back, though. I had to find the right time to explain to her that Cameron was someone more important than just a sister's war for attention.

"What are you talking about?" I asked confused by her assumptions. Finally making it down the stapes, standing face to face. I could see how damage our relationship was, not because I wanted too. It was how things had to be, I didn't know I was dying, and now it was too late to tell her. Although the constant agony my heart had to go through was a reminder of my upcoming death, still I couldn't believe it.

"Don't act so innocent! You love taking away everything and everyone I love... I told you I'm in love with Cameron, I confessed to you my feelings and what did you do? You di...

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