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from Don't Let Go by Karla Martinez

Copyright © 2019 Karla Martinez


Boys Like Girls was taking over in the background, the dance floor was filled with crazy dancers. I could also see the teachers in charge, their eyes wandering to make sure everything was running smoothly. Looking at my surroundings my eyes finally caught sight of Miles and Angel. Soon Ivonne holding hands with Angel came into view. Feeling kind of surprised to see Angel holding hands with a girl, maybe she's the next one, I thought she was done, but maybe not.

The whole time I have known Angel Vandel Ver, he never touched a girl in public. Maybe the dance was a special occasion or maybe Ivonne was the exception. Lately, the little group of players had been showing a different side, a mature side. Maybe because they were seniors and they would have to leave their tendencies behind. I could see how from the corner of his eye; the idiotic Miles would search for Tanya. I never got why, if he liked her. He kept ignoring her. Dumbass. I rolled my eyes.

And as predictable as it was, in a way, I never stopped to actually think about it. If Angel and Miles were hanging out with my sister's sidekicks. My chest tightened as my anger was slowly awakening. Again, Cameron had done a great job on making me feel like the most stupid girl in the world.

Taking Aubrey to the Spring Dance after I said no? He could easily have taken anyone else. I was angry with myself, I was nothing but a joke to him and my sister; why was I still caring and looking for someone so heartless and cold. I hated that part of me, that part that hoped to see the real Cameron when he was so consumed by the identity his popularity had raised and Aubrey was no different.

"Cameron is a hardhead. Getting him to express himself is harder than you admitting defeat to lose this bet. He's not a bad guy," Yael whispered in my ear. At the same time, my eyes spotted Cameron walking hand in hand with Aubrey. I turned my face away from where...

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