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from Don't Let Go by Karla Martinez

Copyright © 2019 Karla Martinez


The Spring Dance was in full motion, it was hard to believe but I was excited at this point. Tanya, Rocky and I decided to get ready at Rocky's house. First helping her into her spaghetti strapless dress. After finishing straightening her long waves. Rocky looked nothing like her usual self, she had this fierce and powerful look. It was obvious she was going for J. Lo's look. In a way, it worked.

Tanya looked like a model from a prom dress magazine with her tiny body and her big hazel eyes shining with excitement to see herself as the lady in red. Her Indian complexion worked well with the dress, her fierce eyes looked hypnotizing. I knew I had made the right decision, by going with my friends. I needed to stay away from Cameron before I could slip and tell him the truth

Finally, sliding my dress on and for the first time in my life I've ever felt beautiful. Actually beautiful. I knew and took people's compliments all the time, but I never actually felt it. Not like I did at this moment. I grinned with excitement to see my reflection. The dress fitted me better than I've expected it to. Dying my hair blonde didn't seem like a bad idea anymore, making my curls bigger, and a half braid on my side, I looked sophisticated and elegant. Not sexy and fierce like Tanya and Rocky. I looked pale, my face looked softer maybe because I was more fragile. There was just one little problem with my perfect outfit. I couldn't seem to take a single balanced step.

"This is bad," I said looking at Rocky and Tanya. It didn't matter how pretty I looked, but if I made a fool out of myself just for not knowing how to walk in heels, Rocky seemed to be thinking deep into a solution, while Tanya retouched my makeup.

Twenty minutes later, Yael parked his car at the entrance of Horizon Private High School. All the kids that walked through the hallways to get to class every day now were gathered together in the oversized gym. The DJ was blasting the best music. Beautiful girls walked with their hot dates, giggling ...

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