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from Don't Let Go by Karla Martinez

Copyright © 2019 Karla Martinez

My Choice

With the Spring Dance closing by, my mom was the enthusiastic one. Dazzling because I was going. She picked me up after school to get some dress shopping done; of course, I took my two consultants along. Though things were kind of uncomfortable with Rocky, I figured we had to work things out at any moment. After all, we had more in common that I thought.

"Isn't it awesome! You girls are going to the dance!" Mom chanted while I ran through the radio stations to find a good song.

"Though, it would have been better if each of you got a date," she said pouting, glancing at Tanya and Rocky from her review mirror. I rolled my eyes and kept looking for music.

"Yeah Mrs. Collins, it's a shame, isn't it?" Tanya agreed, she was still sulking because Miles never thought of asking her, or maybe he did, but he was too stupid and took an invitation from another girl.

"You don't need a guy to be your date. I remember my spring date was my girlfriends." Mom mentioned with a nostalgic look on her face.

"I thought you went with dad," I commented, mom and dad had been together since their high school days, so to me it was a given that all the speci...

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