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from Don't Let Go by Karla Martinez

Copyright © 2019 Karla Martinez


"Samantha Collins, are you out of your mind?! Why are you going along with his bullshit!" Tanya shouted angrily. It was refreshing to see Tanya hate Cameron so much when he was very polite towards her. He knew she didn't like him, she made it very clear and he respected that, in reality, it looked like he enjoyed it. It was probably refreshing for him to have one girl not all over him.

"Tanya, shut up!" I whispered. She glared at me with very angry eyes. I raised my hands.

"Just calm down, and don't announce it to the world," I whispered worriedly that we were being too loud although, with everyone around, the cafeteria was the loudest place in the whole school.

Tanya was even weirder because she liked Miles. The idiotic Miles! Someone worse than Cameron in many ways. They were a group of jerks but Miles was the one that bragged about everything in one second, at least Cameron and Angel didn't say anything, and Yael he was just very reserved on the girl's subject, now I knew why.

"Honestly, Sam, I think Tanya's right. There's no way that Cameron can fall for a girl, I know because I've seen it before." Rocky's words took me back to the Cameron who thought all the girls were the same.

The story with him and his ex, Rocky might not know what happened, but Yael did. I doubted, he would say anything though; Yael was a faithful friend that was for sure. I had to find someone that would know the whole story. The right person, the one that would help a girl who was going to die and that one person flashed in my mind making me grin.

"Yeah, of course, you would know better huh, Rocky?" I rolled my eyes at her. Rocky backed off when she noticed my discomfort.

"What you're looking at?" Cameron asked just at the moment he almost touched my cheek with his.

The sudden closeness made my heart react, but at this point feeling this pain on a daily basis, it didn't bother me anymore. His hair tickling my neck, his masculine cologne was intoxicating. I looked at him from the corner of my eyes. His hair curling up behind his ear, showing up his piercing. His brows so thick and perfect, his skin was smooth cleanly s...

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