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from Don't Let Go by Karla Martinez

Copyright © 2019 Karla Martinez

Low Hit

My cooking class felt refreshing and calm as I walked in. Mrs. Torres, my cooking teacher looked very motherly like. She handed me a book of recipes and sent me back to the last row. I sighed in relief, I didn't have to be seated in the middle where I could be in the middle of everybody's conversation. I could feel my new classmate's stares, curious stares. I didn't mind though, it was better than being tortured by my regular classmates. My heart could finally calm down.

Taking a seat next to my new partner. He seemed like the very hard-working type. Short spiky hair, serious blue eyes behind a pair of geeky glasses. An expressionless face that actually looked kind of cute. I was glad when he ignored me. I wanted to keep it that way. Just normal.

The rest of the class was pretty quiet and enjoyable. I didn't do much because I was new. I had to sit quietly and watch a group of girls walk us through a new Mango Isla dessert, "their creation." I needed some sugar after my stressful day.

The bell rang to end the day. My partner and I never shared a word. If felt so good and relaxing to be in a normal class with different people, maybe this was what I needed. For my own good, I needed to stay away from the drama and the overrated attention. Thanking God for a place I didn't have to pretend for anyone or worry about anyone. But due to my complicated relationship with God, I knew for sure my happiness wasn't going to last.

Walking out Cooking Class, I found Miles and Angel walking by; I stopped automatically to avoid them. I wasn't in the mood to have a giggly conversation with those clowns. I was enjoying my quiet paradise. Please, God. I pleaded, I had enough for one day. Can I just have the rest of the day free?

A couple of days passed and Cooking Class was my little paradise, something I didn't want to talk about not even with Rocky or Tanya. Every day around my third class I couldn't wait to get out and breathe new air. Walking into the jungle that was my History Class, before Mr. Wales walked in. As always, he took his sweet time. I couldn't b...

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