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from Don't Let Go by Karla Martinez

Copyright © 2019 Karla Martinez

Behind the Mask

Checking my new schedule, the only change I had was physical education. Now instead of it was Nutrition or Cooking. One good thing out of this was that I wouldn't get to see Aubrey all over Cameron while she wore a swimsuit. There was always a good side to everything. I smiled thanking God. I got it. I said in my mind. I got the message.

The bell rang for second class. I didn't feel like going to Geometry where I had to seat beside Cameron, again. I took my time going back to the classroom to get my stuff. One of the privileges this prestigious school had was; some rooms were open only for one class; my first classroom was one of those. After talking to Mike, I needed some time alone to let everything sink in. Did I really want to die alone? Could pretend until the end? What if my condition worsened and I had to be in the hospital more, could I keep pretending like I wasn't concerned?

"Depressing," I said dragging myself to the classroom.

"Sam." Yael caught me by surprise.

He had an ability to find me at the best time. Feeling better to see his brown eyes, and his soft smile. Seriously his man bun was making a comeback on him. It didn't look bad at all. But that was the way Yael was. A good looking guy that would rock every style he wanted.

"Hi." I greeted with a smile.

"Are you skipping class?" I asked. He was never up to skip class. Even when his friends were total douche bags, Yael managed to turn out just fine. A good responsible guy, he shook his head like it was obvious.

"I forgot my book," he answered with an embarrassed smile.

"Or maybe you just wanted to wait for me," I said giving a try to be funny.

Yael's eyes widen with surprise, for a moment. Then it occurred to me that maybe I wasn't so wrong after all. He froze and so did I.

"Got you!" he said with a huge playful grin.

My God! Full of relief I gave him a slight smack on the shoulders and move ahead of him to open the door. Like a guardian angel, Yael was always next to me in my most difficult times. Or maybe I was there for him when he needed me too.

My hand froze at the handle, my brain stopped functioning completely, trying to register the awfully disgusting pain building up from deep down my core all the way to my chest. The room was not empty like I thought it would be. The lights had been turned down, my eyes slowly adjusting to the dim light in the center of the room. His white shirt glowed with the light making it way through the blinds. He had taken his blazer off. Leaning on Mr. Gailes desk, his shirt unbuttoned. My heart accelerated with a stinging stab.

"Samantha?" Yael called but stopped immediately when he noticed what I had seen.

His body stiffened behind me, shocked like I was. I could feel the tension growing in him. Coming to my side his fists were tight. His reaction really made me thought about that rumor about Aubrey going from Yael to Cameron, maybe it was real. Yael's reaction was definitely jealousy and I felt bad for him. I was hurt for him.

I knew what kind of reputation Cameron had, I knew all he did, but seeing it with my own eyes. This was a first time. Stunned as I was, I knew, I had turned and walk away, but my knees wouldn't respond to my orders. Stupidly I stood there holding the anger, pain and hating my heart for beating so fast when that would kill me sooner.

Dumbfounded to see for myself, everything Aubrey bragged about, even Rocky. They weren't lying, it was true and to prove it she was right there with him. Locking her arms around Cameron's neck, my mind was blank at this point. I wanted to slap m...

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