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from Don't Let Go by Karla Martinez

Copyright © 2019 Karla Martinez

Opening Up

Quietly walking behind the new counselor, I noticed the resembles he had with Cameron. Although his hair was shorter and neater, they had the same posture when they walked. There was only one reason for me to talk to a psychologist, one good reason. Someone to help me cope with the truth if my parents ever decided to tell me anything. I needed to be prepared for whenever that time come. I sighed exhaustedly. Pretending was exhausting. Pretend not to know my life was fading right in my hands, that I was healthy, pretending that nothing hurt me. Maybe it was for the better to just be clear and let everyone know. Either way, the end was going to be the same with or without people's pity. I sighed annoyed by my lack of strength. This was what killed people in the first place. The depression that came with it.

"Come on in." Mr. Derwood encouraged opening the door to his office, even when his tone was extremely friendly something in his eyes was a little intimidating.

I smiled nervously, hugging myself to keep my heart rate even. With two years in Horizon High; I never not once saw the need to talk to a counselor. Of course, before, I didn't have anything to worry about, except for homework and the fights with my sister. The normal family drama but, since that day. Talking to someone like Mr. Derwood didn't sound so bad. I needed someone to help me understand why God worked the way he did.

"Don't look so serious, you're not in trouble, yet..." he said with a playful tone, pointing at the comfortable chair in front of his desk. His chair. He smiled gently, but in a way, it looked too familiar and friendly. That would make any girl fall for him, after all, he was Cameron's relative.

"Are you really a counselor?" I asked doubtfully, I knew doctors had to study a lot before they could get a degree or a doctorate. He didn't look very old to be a doctor at all. Though there was the possibility that he was a genius and that's why he had completed his career looking so young. That was also in Cameron's genes so it wouldn't be too surprising. He laughed freely which relaxed me a little.

"Looks like you don't let anything escape, do you? Samantha," he said captivating me with a warm friendly feeling. Taking a sit in his chair, I glanced around for a moment.

"I'm not. Yet. But working with your kids for two months is my final test," he explained with another breathtaking smile, making me want to talk to him more and let all my worries out. He was doing his job very well.

"And how old are you?" I asked without thinking. Taking a look at a young portrait of himself with a way younger boy. My eyes widen in shock to see the beautiful angelical smile of an innocent young Cameron, my heart reacted wildly to it. Mr. Derwood laughed again taking my concentration away.

"I'm supposed to ask the questions, remember?" he answered between chuckles, taking a seat on the chair that would be mine.

"Right," I said feeling a little embarrassed because I knew he caught me staring at the picture.

"So, why am I here? Mr. Derwood." I asked soon forgetting the embarrassment. He stopped smiling, and I knew why I was there. His eyes looked at me full of compassion, compassion for someone that was dying.

"Call me, Mike." Although he said that I...

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