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from Don't Let Go by Karla Martinez

Copyright © 2019 Karla Martinez


"Do I look weird?" I asked Tanya feeling everybody's staring in my direction. My hair had changed, but makeup wasn't allowed in our school, well not that the girls cared. The uniform did look better, in the morning that I put it on. I didn't think I would attract too much attention or if people noticed me enough to care, but apparently, since my incident in the pool, I did gather some popularity. To Aubrey's misfortune.

"You're not weird, you're cute." Tanya praised me proudly of her work.

For the first time, going to school without the group felt refreshing. Trying to avoid the bothersome and stupid jokes about my new look. Avoiding Miles most of all, I didn't want to deal his brainless comments. Honestly, Tanya was right with my new look, something changed in me as well, not just my appearance. I could feel a little courage making me stronger. I did feel like I could face Cameron and pretend like we never went into that "date". I could still joke with him, laugh at his stupid jokes. After all, there was something I did want to accomplish in the lifetime I had to live. Be happy and make memories with all of them.

Having no one to be with, in first class was depressing; I never rely on good luck, clearly, that wasn't on my side. Tanya and I shared only two classes, Gym Class and Science. With Rocky, none and now I thanked God for that. Coming back to my depressing teacher handing us out painful poems almost made me want to skip class for the first time. Actually, I was never alone, Cameron was there in all my classes. My neighbor in every class. It was silly to think that a few ways back all I was excited to share classes with him, now, not so much.

Although it was inevitable that he would be there, I took a deep breath, immediately after I stepped into the classroom. Taking a minute to focus I turned back to take a look at him. He was quietly sitting in his usual spot, listening to Miles brag about something stupid I bet. Just a quick second was enough to notice the surprised in his honey eyes. I turned quickly and walk to my seat pretending like he wasn't there.

"Hey, what happened to you?" Angel asked evidently surprised to see me.

"Nothing, what happened to you?" I returned the question, ignoring Cameron's eyes on me.

Yael greeted me and got off my seat motion me to take it. I smiled at him and nodded. I liked Yael, he would never make stupid comments or make the atmosphere uncomfortable for anyone. It felt nice when...

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