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from Don't Let Go by Karla Martinez

Copyright © 2019 Karla Martinez

Moving On

Sunday was a perfect day. I could sleep all day and no one would really mind, especially my parents. Just with Mimi's company, trying to forget how I ended up falling in love with such a jerk. I couldn't stop one or two tears at the memory of his arms, his temperature, the places he touched. It made my soul trembled to remember the so vivid night. If I had let him continue, either I would have woken up in a hospital or dead already. I hugged Mimi tightly trying not to cry anymore. Cameron was just my friend; I knew he played with girls all the time. Not even once I imagined that I could captivate his, the thought made my heart hurts. Mimi barked happily calling for my attention.

Looking at her, I understood how much my parents wanted to make me happy before I die. They never liked animals, having a dog was out of the question always. This was the only thing they denied me until I came home with Mimi. They looked at me with sad eyes and let me keep her. I sighed sadly, trying to imagine how many times have they ignored their own feelings just to make their dying daughter happy. With Michael Jackson's Man in the Mirror. I closed my eyes and just laid quietly.

"What are you doing sulking here by yourself?" Rocky slammed the door open. Making Mimi hide under the bed, still barking furiously.

Tanya behind her, she looked worried. Thank God Tanya was with her because I would have slammed the door in Rocky's face. The last person I wanted to see and have a heart to heart conversation as with her. Not just for me, but also for her brother. I would gladly have spent my time with Yael. With Rocky anymore.

"You scared her," I said trying to make my voice sound bored when actually I was surprised to see Rocky of all people. She stayed by the door as Tanya came forward and wrapped her arms around me, it felt nice. I knew she would never do something as awful as Rocky. Not just to me, but to the rest involved.

"What happened to you?" Rocky asked in an annoyed voice.

I kept my eyes on her; just to make sure I wasn't imagining anything. I was pretty damn sure, I hadn't dreamt of everything Rocky said to me just one night before, and now she was acting like it didn't matter. I was annoyed, and her attitude was making it worse. She was just a shameless as him. Maybe they were perfect for each other.

"Nothing happened to me," I answered her in a salty tone, I couldn't help it.

The nerve she had to come to my house and pretend to be worried was really pissing me off. I was doubting of how much Rocky cared about our friendship with me and Tanya. It was clear she had no idea, she was just clueless like I was. If she already knew I was in love with Cameron why covered it up? I stopped as I caught sight of myself in the mirror.

No wonder Tanya looked worried to see me. I looked pathetic, lifeless. My brown hair all over my face, like a bird's nes...

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