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from Don't Let Go by Karla Martinez

Copyright © 2019 Karla Martinez


Hating to have to go back home and explain why was looking so shitty, I walked around the park. Trying to make sense out of an old guy sitting on a bench looking up the sky for hours. It was way after dark. The stars were bright in the clear sky. Cameron had left a few minutes after I walked away. I needed time to calm down, to settle my overworked heart. To breath normally and think.

Think of the many chances I could have had if I hadn't overheard Dr. Jackson's conversation. I could still be living like normal if normal meant to wake up put on that ugly Horizon High uniform. Fake that I wasn't affected by that first kiss Cameron stole from me. That the date didn't matter to me at all because it was part of my sister's bet. I could just continue recklessly living without a purpose until the time came.

It didn't sound so bad. If things had happened that way, I would have been home now after my date, depending on Rocky telling me the truth, I would have been very angry or crying my eyes out feeling just as pathetic as I did anyway. I sighed defeated. Taking a seat a few feet away from the old guy sitting on the bench. I looked up to the sky, as the low wind blew. Making the water dance. It was soothing.

"Aren't you cold?" Yael's soft voice made me realize my body was numb from the cool air.

The old guy was wearing a heavy jacket. My smoky breath was very visible. I rubbed my arms to warm myself up. I looked up at Yael who looked ...

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