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from Don't Let Go by Karla Martinez

Copyright © 2019 Karla Martinez


The sun was bright, it hurt my eyes. The wind was still cold because it was the begging of March, but not too cold to freeze me to death. At lunchtime, most of the cafeteria and the halls were empty from students. One of the privileges we had at Horizon High was that. The students had the freedom to leave the school area for lunch, something most of the Juniors and Senior did because they had cars.

Rarely Cameron and his group would stay in school grounds. Usually, they spent their lunch breaks at the Rio Mall, which was just minutes away from Horizon. Of course, not all the time. They were too rich and popular to eat at a simple mall. They were more of a five-star restaurant type of people. Cameron had a last name that gave him many freedoms, not only in school but also in society. Being the only son and heir of the Derwood Auto Dealer one of the dealers that only dealt with people from big corporations, known companies, and big firms. Cameron had the privilege of driving any car he wanted. Of course, the guy wouldn't let his spoilt son's friends drive his son in anything he considered cheap.

Although they loved to drive around in their bikes, which was pure adrenaline for them. Something I was sure I couldn't do at all. It could kill me. Yael was the one with more common sense out of the other. Since his father was a lawyer, a respectable man with a serious sense of responsibility. Thanks to his experience and strive to give Yael and Rocky a better life.

"What was that about?" I asked as Yael took a few steps away. He seemed to be battling some thoughts. Pacing up and down trying to find the right way to tell me whatever he wanted to say. I crossed my hands over my chest to keep myself warm enough not to feel chilly.

"Yael," I called for his attention again.

He stopped and sighed heavily, which concerned me even more. What was making him look so bothered? Lifting his eyes to meet mine, my heart clenched.

"What is it?" I mouthed the words, it was the best way to help my heart not to get worked up.

"Samantha, please don't accept any suggestion coming from Cameron. This is not good," he said with a desperate tone. What? I said nothing but he saw the question in my eyes.

"This could end badly." he continued trying not to sound like an asshole for going against his friend.

I could see the desperation in his eyes. There was something more than just concern for a dying girl getting hurt. Something complicated that was messing with his mind.


"I'm worried about how things might end. I know Cameron. You know Cameron. You know this could end badly." he explained walking closer as a few students walked beside us. I said nothing again. He was right.

I understood what he meant. To be close to Cameron was already difficult enou...

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