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from Don't Let Go by Karla Martinez

Copyright © 2019 Karla Martinez


"Sam, why are you so tired?" Tanya asked concerned to see how worked up I was getting.

I never really thought about how out of shape I was. Anything that had to do with working out, I never actually did. My parents thought it was never necessary since I always had a thin figure and was a vegetarian so being overweight was never an issue. But now I was learning that having a thin body didn't mean I was in good shape. Every time I tried to go for a run, my mom stopped me and talked about how skinny I've always been, she always said a diet was enough, and so I never got the chance to do exercise. Standing up first and reaching her hand out to help me, Tanya shook her head and smiled; she was always very into staying fit since her mother was an already retired model, she wanted to one day be the same. We stood next to each other listening to Mr. Clayton's lesson of the day.

She stretched some more and rolled her eyes as Miles would make stupid jokes at Mr. Clayton's suggestions.

Trying to concentrate on his explanations of how breathing was good before swimming; as I tried to open up my lungs, stretching my arms out. I stopped in the middle of it with a sharp stab. My body started to give a cold sweat almost knocking me out of breath. Forcing me to bend down to catch some air and relax. Something was wrong. I could feel it coming. I knew I've always been weak, but I've never felt like I was right now. Trying to focus on clearing my sight, but it was getting worst. I could see, Mr. Clayton's lips moving but all I heard was a deep ring in the distance.

"Sam" I made out Tanya's voice in a far dimension.

In an effort to maintain my composure, I shut my eyes and tried to breathe slowly through my nose. Tanya moved to a line across from me. She kept her eyes on me, she looked worried. I couldn't see what she was seeing in me, but by the weary look she had I could tell, it was not good at all.

Mr. Clayton blew the whistle to let the exercise start. Though I had no idea what I was supposed to do, I did what the rest of the class did. Form a straight line on one side of the pool. Fighting to keep my balance and not fall in the water, I moved slowly keeping my head down to see where I was going.

"You don't lo...

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