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from Don't Let Go by Karla Martinez

Copyright © 2019 Karla Martinez

Heart Struggles

"Can we go to the other side? I don't want to deal with Aubrey right now." I begged Tanya. She glanced in their direction and sighed.

Tanya didn't like Cameron and even more Aubrey. I couldn't blame her. They could get on people nerves. Anyone with common sense, common goals, people like Tanya, she didn't think about their high status. That I loved about her. She rolled her eyes as we started to walk towards the opposite side of the pool.

"If you don't feel well, just tell Mr. C," Tanya suggested with evident concern. I was starting to wonder if I looked as bad as I felt.

I couldn't seem to calm the acid starting in my chest, my whole body was just feeling out of place. I was starting to think that it was something else and nothing to do with Cameron, but I refused to believe so. It was obvious that for him, the kiss didn't have the same meaning it had for me. For a player who was always doing as he pleased without knowing what his actions could do to anyone. As long as he was having fun. It was always about him. Selfish jerk. I bit my lip to erase the taste of his lips off mine.

Even though, there was this crazy thought going in my mind; a question with many possible answers. Did he kiss me because he liked me? Was he just bored at the moment? Was he curious about what it felt to kiss me? I couldn't wrap my mind around any of these reasons and it was just messing me up inside. Obviously, I cared too much when he didn't seem to care at all. This was my biggest problem; I never needed people putting me down, I did a pretty good job myself. Pathetic. I scolded myself.

"My anemia is just acting up," I told Tanya, which might not be as wrong. I glanced back for a quick second to hurt myself more with Aubrey's closeness to him.

Cameron and his reputation of being a playboy were what people believed of him, but in reality, he never admitted it. Though, Angel, Miles, and Yael ended up knowing everything and brag about it. Like it was an accomplishment; he would never agree or denied any rumor spread around his name. This was what made people think that way about him. He never cared to correct any gossip.

Part of me knew the real Cameron; it was nothing like people made him seem to be, but I had my doubts with someone like Katherine Jones, Rose Shah, Maureen Wells and way more girls that I didn't want to know about. According to Aubrey, she would also brag about how she knew about Cameron and his group. T...

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