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from Don't Let Go by Karla Martinez

Copyright © 2019 Karla Martinez


As grateful as I was to God for giving me the opportunity to experience my long overdue first kiss. More importantly with the boy I liked. I would have appreciated even more, if it had been a day that I didn't have to face him semi-naked in P.E class. Thank God. I thought sarcastically.

Sharing classes with Cameron also included gym which I hated even more. Not because of them but because there was another group I didn't like. As expected; now that winter was gone, we started swimming lessons for the future lifeguard. Which also meant I could swim without having the parental drama and overreactions of my mother. Although I didn't enjoy wearing the fancy golden one peace swimsuit.. Especially made one of a kind for this school only. To get a chance to enjoy the water, I could do it. Even ignoring the fact that my own personal bully was there to kill my happiness.

Aubrey and her friends were the perfect group of Plastics from Mean Girls. Brunette hair, flawless faces, tiny waists, long legs and slender shoulders. My sister was the proud representation of Regina George and her friends Ivonne and Amy, the perfect decor. In school, it was well known or more like Aubrey loved to let everyone know that she was the pretty sister and I was the normal one. Not that I cared about it. Spoilt brats' opinions didn't matter to me. My relationship with God was just as complicated as with everyone else. I knew that for every good moment he gave him, there was going to be a bad one. But not today. I begged silently to him. I wasn't in the mood to deal with Aubrey when I had myself to focus on. Myself around Cameron.

The strange pain had ceased but I was still having a hard time breathing.

"What's wrong with you, you look like a tomato? You should be used to this by now." Tanya commented pulling my arm to lead me out of the locker room.

"Tanya, wait!" I couldn't hide the desperation in my voice.

Automatically reaching for my hand, my feet moved fast as she pulled me with her. I was used to showing parts of my body. Though for some reason I was never allowed to swim more than I should, I was allowed to tan, so being in the not so flirtatious one piece wasn't so bad. What was bad, was having to pretend to be cool with Cameron when my weak girly heart was so uncontrollably nervous. Just to know his presence was so close and we had our moment just a few hours ago. Thank God for making him...

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