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from Beyond the Deep Water by Ivette Martinez

Copyright © 2018–2020 Karla Martinez


Finally, alone in a fancy room, in her room, Camille lets go of the little strength keeping her together. She finally drops to her knees, exhausted but still trying to get a grip on everything she's come to experience in one day.

Camille inhales and exhales loudly, feeling how her lungs spread as the air makes its way inside and out, a sensation that feels unreal, since, in her eyes, she's underwater. Patting her chest to make sure her heart is pounding, her pulse still normal.

"How can this be?" she questions herself. Now that she's alone, Camille tries to gather most of the information she gathered.

Feeling the soft texture of the rug beneath her, soothing and delicate to the touch of her fingers. Scanning the walls surrounding her, a room she never thought to be hers, like she's been told.

This suite is incomparable to the tiny room she had in Primavera Town. A place she can't go back or doesn't want to go back anymore. Camille sighs exhaustedly. As soon as the memories manifest in her mind, her whole energy becomes covered by a cold dark gloom created from all the inhuman acts she suffered. The repulsion and frustration invade her from within; a torment that seems to never leave her alone, even if she's in a world so bright like this one.

Pondering on the idea that her mother and Jordan can have a chance to a better life without her. Although her heart shudders at the painful thought, is not what she wants but it might be what's best for all of them. After the last time, she saw her mother, her desperate pleads to leave and find safety. An image that forms a lump in her throat, tightening her chest, forcing tears in her eyes.

"I'll be fine." Camille tries to give herself some hope. Breathing in through her nostrils, she pushes the pain deep down, after all, is not the first time she has done it. Trying to focus on something else she decides to explore the room.

A place that's as big as her house, but brighter and elegant. Fancy decorations of waterfall statues, dolphins,...

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