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from Beyond the Deep Water by Ivette Martinez

Copyright © 2018–2020 Karla Martinez


Noticing the pure and light spirit of a new visitor, the enchanting haven in the Water Region becomes intrigued with such a beautiful soul. Curiously walking through the fascinating grounds of the sanctuary, Camille can't hide her delight. It's been so long since she feels this light and safe enough to show her genuine smile.

Gently dragging her dress over the fresh grass; butterflies surround her like she's their master. Attracted by the bright color of her eyes, the plants, the animal and the whole place admires a refreshing presence. Fairies and tiny angels observe closely as Camille wanders towards the waterfalls. Forgetting to wait for Azzel, she decides to explore by herself.

Making her way to the imperial gardens that expand in colorful designs, flowery vines hanging from tall trees, captivating the air a rain of loose petals and leaves as the wind blows. The ravishing mist of the waterfalls fits perfectly with the magical scenery. A wide grin spreads across Camille's face as the drizzle sprays as the curtain of water hits the pond underneath.

Heavy Wisteria vines cascade from the trees, all the way down to the rocks where a group of strangely white flamingos stands still. Sophisticated and calm, like statues, antic statues, letting stand close to the edge. Where the water looks crystalline clear, inviting her to feel it on her skin, she becomes fascinated by the incredible paradise.

Finally letting everything sink in, Camille sits on a rock to let the tiredness creep on her body again, even after taking the magical water. Deep down is not enough, hunger starts kicking in as well, but there's a question in the back of her mind. What if she closes her eyes? Will she wake up again in Primavera Town? Will she finally wake up from such a fascinating dream? Her eyes turn sad at the thought but the chance of going back to where she knows nothing of the peace she has experienced in a short time.

To go back to a world, where everything is dark, hurtful and empty is a depressing thought she doesn't want to happen. Even when there's a small ray of light in all that darkness, Adam. The only one that can make her heart throb with melancholy if she doesn't get to see him again. But in reality, Camille doesn't want to go back at all, not even for Adam. A realization that attacks her with guilt for considering to stay here. But return to where all she does is drag her boyfriend to her darkness. The caring and loving boy that tortures himself to see her ha...

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