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from Beyond the Deep Water by Ivette Martinez

Copyright © 2018–2020 Karla Martinez


"Aren't you a God?" Camille asks with a raspy voice. The saltiness in her throat makes it uncomfortable to speak. Finally, feeling the fatigue of being under the sun for too long, Camille forces her feet to move up closer to Azzel.

Trying to understand, the possibility that somehow she ended in a world she would never believe to be real. Camille can't focus on one thing only. It's a real miracle to see how the water shines like glitter because the sand it carries is like grind diamonds. The islands aren't just floating over the water but hovering in the air. The colorful fog that forms when the waves crash against the rocks is not just beautiful. It's magic. Mysterious fish jump out one after another, and some aren't regular fish, but dazzling shape-shifting creatures that transform in mid-air. Everything is so mesmerizing to Camille's human eyes. 

"I am not a God. My function in this region is to serve his majesty, the God of the Water Kingdom," Azzel informs her with politeness and admiration for someone more powerful than he can ever be.

Curiosity starts to kick in as her mind becomes more alert. Wondering if this man in front of her, who only serves a God can have such a mighty presence. How meeting a real God is going to feel like to her human soul? Tensing up at the thought, Camille struggles to pull her hair trying to make herself more presentable. She sighs exhausted.

"So, how exactly are we going to get there?" Camille asks nervously, as they get closer and closer to the cliff. The towers look huge from their standing point, a castle surrounded by beautiful nature. A magical kingdom where a real God waits to meet her.

"Here." Azzel stops in front of her, a few feet away from the cliff.

Closing his eyes, the man lightly taps the sand with his magic staff. Camille forces her eyes to stay open as the water starts to violently revolt. Gusts of wind pushing her back as the waves splash against each other, creating giant rainbows.

"No way." Camille admires, stupefied to see the water parting in the middle, making a path for them to get to the islands. Opening the water like in the movies, Camille tries to contain herself to not fall to the ground.

"Maybe you are a God," she whispers under her breath.

"Come," Azzel suggests leading her to move forward. Skeptically, Camille takes one step at a time to keep herself balanced as the water seems to close in around them.

"Do not be afraid," Azzel reassures her as she notices the giant sharks lurking close to her, forcing her to move quickly and closer to the old man.

Falling to her knees as soon as she makes it to the island, gasping for air, Camille tries to balance her heartbeat before moving forward. Azzel notes how her energy stumbles to keep her standing. Knowing that meeting his master could turn into a very intense event, the old man decides to advocate for the trembling girl.


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