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from Beyond the Deep Water by Ivette Martinez

Copyright © 2018–2020 Karla Martinez

Gods World

Still, with her eyes closed, Camille slowly regains consciousness. She flexes her hands, feeling the fine sand beneath her fingers. It's smooth and dry to the touch, burning hot but it doesn't bother her. The brightness of the midday sun burns her skin, but she's used to it by now. This is the only feeling that gives her security. Camille doesn't mind being blinded by the brightness if it means that, the shadows won't come for her.

She waits for a moment before opening her eyes. Camille examines her body internally, making sure that her muscles and bones aren't more broken. But there's a strange lightness in the energy surrounding her, something that doesn't feel the same as it did in Primavera Town. Camille flickers her nose as the cold breeze caresses her face with a gentle touch. The air is humid and smells salty. The loud sound of the waves slamming against the rocks on the further shore, followed by the seagulls squawking in the distance, it makes it a soothing combination. Camille snaps her eyes open, blinking a hundred times to adjust to the extreme brightness. She sits up, using her hands as a shield from the sun, Camille looks ahead to discover a paradise like no other.

Her eyeballs sting with the light, but Camille keeps looking ahead. She has immediately realized, she's not even close to Blue Water Lake or even Primavera Town anymore. There's a vast blue ocean glittering in front of her.

"Where am I?" her voice sounds raspy and dry.

Curiously analyzing herself, Camille becomes concerned by the mysterious place she's looking at right now. How her body seems to have changed overnight, her broken toenails have healed, and her arms aren't sore anymore. Camille pats her cheeks to make sure nothing hurts like it did the night before. She pouts her lips to check if she's still injured, stretching her arms to search for bruises, moving down to her stomach.

"No way..." Her injuries have mysteriously disappeared from her body.

Camille squeezes her eyes to wander in the distance, trying to figure out what kind of place she's looking at, her jaw drops to the ground as she sees the breathtaking view in which she has opened her eyes.

"Wow! Where am I?" she wonders ignoring her raspy throat.

Sitting on a delicate bed of sand, white-colored sand that extends towards a fascinating ocean of glitter. A surface that shines like a million crystals has been scattered over and comes to life with the sunlight. A beautiful forest of mountains and echoing wildlife expand in the background where the seagulls and pelicans descend to the water to catch their food. Clouds pace slowly in the clear sky it's mesmerizing. There's nothing but an overwhelming calmness and freedom that soothes Camille's soul. She inhales deeply to feel the air purify her lungs.

"Where's this place?" In the distance, Camille can make up a huge castle surrounded, four towers stand on an island not too far from the shore. Birds fly above the main island as several more float around. Her eyes narrowed, trying to understand how the land seems to hover over the water. Not high enough to look like it's on the air, and not low enough to be touching the water.

"No way..." she fans her hands in front of her to make sure she's losing her mind.

Stupefied to catch a glimpse of a fish like no other. A species she never heard of before, because it can't be possible for such creature to exist unless she's delusional. Following the shimmering scales in delicate pastel colors, long fins elegantly flapping like wings. Long elegant aerials floating right before her eyes. Like birds enjoying their freedom, the fish seem to do the same. Flying, the unique fish is flying before her eyes.

Standing in the middle of a place she can't recognize, her pajamas are still dry, her hair looks wild but full of life. Not a single drop of water on her body, Camille stretches her arms from side to side. Recalling the memories of the night before she was in some bubble that stopped her from drowning while the water dragged her down to the pit of light at the bottom of the lake. The ethereal wave of energy that transported her to this land is ...

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