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Young Adult
Don't Let Go: A Love Triangle Like No Other
by Ivette Martinez

Yael, and Cameron are connected by love, tragedy, and loyalty. Samantha is Dying. Yael is Gay. Cameron is a player. Coming together or falling apart, will this three would find the light?

August 20, 2010

August 20, 2010

"Cameron, where are you going?" she asked as he quietly made his way out the room. He stopped at the sound of her voice making him hesitate for a quick second. Her eyes already finding an answer in his sweet tortured face; an answer he wouldn't admi...

Boring Life
February 7, 2009

February 9, 2008.

"Hey, Sam!" two of them greeted as I got closer to the building.

"Hi," I answered back, trying my best to keep my calm. Especially in front of him. Cameron Derwood, my weakness. The hottest guy I ever knew. My heart fluttered just to see him...

First Signal

One more reason to hate school was because of those never-ending classes. They were a punishment to all of us spoilt brats that loved to have free time. Serving up to its good name, and prestigious reputation. Horizon High was mostly a way for parents to get their r...

Awakening Kiss

The room was left empty in minutes. Slowly I got up and turned to find Cameron silently analyzing the pen I had lent him. Immediately raising his gaze at me, causing my heart to accelerate a little too much. My chest tightened up in a new way, in a slightly scary wa...


 As grateful as I was to God for giving me the opportunity to experience my long overdue first kiss. More importantly with the boy I liked. I would have appreciated even more, if it had been a day that I didn't have to face him semi-naked in P.E class. Thank God. I thought sarcastically.


Heart Struggle

"Can we go to the other side? I don't want to deal with Aubrey right now." I begged Tanya. She glanced in their direction and sighed.

Tanya didn't like Cameron and even more Aubrey. I couldn't blame her. They could get on people nerves. Anyone with common sens...


"Sam, why are you so tired?" Tanya asked concerned to see how worked up I was getting.

I never really thought about how out of shape I was. Anything that had to do with working out, I never actually did. My parents thought it was never necessary since I always...

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