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from Beyond the Deep Water by Ivette Martinez

Copyright © 2018–2020 Karla Martinez


Deep in her sleep full of fatigue and pain, Camille turns in bed. But, something doesn't feel right. Those horrible dreams take shape in her subconscious. The monster, he's stumbling on his way to her room. The walls cave in as the ominous energy he brings creeps over her body. He's coming, her senses shout in panic. Her eyelids seem glued to each other, but her brain is still awake.

Her brain fires alerting waves through Camille's nerves. The monster is coming. Vile and thirsty for pain, for revenge, he smiles while imagining Camille's face after he finishes with her. His hands twitch with the desire to break every bone of her body, dying to see tears and blood. His ears crave to hear her pleading despair. The worst monster Camille has ever known. Steve, her father.

 The rusty door that keeps Camille safe at night opens wide. It's the middle of the night, and Camille jumps awake. With a fast reaction, she pulls the covers over her head as chills run down her spine. Unable to breathe without fear, she closes her eyes to pray. Hoping that Steve is too drunk to try anything, she tries not to make a sound.

"Well, hello there..." he studders with maliciousness, making her heart accelerates in a painful rhythm. His presence becomes more threatening, and Camille starts to tremble. 

"No!" Camille screams in desperation as his dirty hands grab her for her legs.

Although her injuries from the previous day give her a disadvantage, Camille will give him a fight. Fragile and helpless, but still, Camille squirms around to free herself from his sudden grip. Her soul leaves her body as he grabs her hair and drags her out of bed. Hitting the hardwood floor, Camille bites her lips to hide her pain as the blow leaves her breathless. She won't give up to the monster.

"Let Go!" she shouts breathlessly. Steve laughs out loud at the sound of her trembling voice. 

In a defensive movement, Camille anchors her nails on the floor, ignoring the loose splinters that pierce between the toenails. Annoyed by her counter-attack, Steve hits her directly in the abdomen, making her shudder in pain. Her lungs seem to explode as she coughs her pain out.

"Steve!" Camille's mother cries restlessly in horror.

"Step back!" he stammers, turning to land a punch on the woman's face, he also struggles to stay balanced. 

"Mom..." Camille tries to get a grip on her pain. She can't be weak, her mother needs her to be strong and fi...

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