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  from Beyond the Deep Water by Ivette Martinez


The sun is bright in the middle of the blue sky. Heavenly.

The countryside is always so sunny and clear, showering everything with light and life. It’s perfect. The vast landscapes are full of pasture; grass that grows generously thanks to the sunshine, and open space; and this is what Camille enjoys most about springtime. The season of rebirth and restart. The life and freedom.

A time to feel the warming sun on her skin; burning it enough to give her a little color. Even with her eyes closed, Camille can see the brightness of the sunny day behind her eyelids. The fresh air makes its way through her pores, lightening up her body and spirit. The low wind makes the green grass dance beneath her clothes where she lays. The gushing lullaby of moving winds that, stir up the smell of wet soil and fresh nature surrounding to the lake. Birds pleasantly chirping as they fly across the horizon of the heavenly blue. So lovely and full of life. Majestic.

The girl’s long hair spreads like a blanket over the beautiful dandelions and yellow flowers expanding on the fields. The cicadas singing nonstop in unison with the birds. This is the perfect time for it; the ending of the Winter and the start of Spring.

Camille’s fair skin is gently caressed by the breeze of the early afternoon. The perfect soothing touch to her damaged arms. Her face warmed beyond normal after being under the sun for many hours, but it helps her heal. She loves it the sun, the light and the life around it’s relishing to her.

The crystal-clear water of Blue Water Lake; her favorite place in Primavera Town. A lake that takes its name from the beautiful aqua color that takes over the water and it’s almost like a mirror laying on the ground, a perfect mirror to reflect the firmament and its glory.

And just like the sky; the lake doesn’t seem to have a bottom. At least no one has ever made contact with its floor...

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