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from Assassinato Selva by Steven Smith

Copyright © 2019–2020 Imogen McKenzie

Chapter 14
A Vicky Situation

Vicky was suddenly swept from her feet, her legs yanked right from under her and now she was being dragged through bushes and leaves at speed. 

The branches batted her arms and face as she tried to look down at what had grabbed her, her feet felt locked together like a hangman’s noose had snagged her. It didn't make sense, not that she had time to think over what was happening. This couldn't be a trap sprung by an accidental misstep, for if it was the disastrous end trap must have been a long way away. 


She screamed for help, managing to spot Katie in the far distance between the rush of leaves and trees whizzing past her eyes. But she was getting further and further away. Suddenly Vicky felt a tremendous grasp of a cold long clench, at first she thought it was a snake, but among the chaos, she could see the same vines that adorned the jungle in their plentiful numbers. It was looped around her knees three or four times, this loop now yanked her in a different direction. The noose around her ankles seemed to vanish and she was subsequently flipped on to her front, the leaves and dirt spraying up like a car driving through a big puddle. 

Vicky could no longer see Katie, but it didn't stop her from pleading for help, she continued the zig-zag motion through the jungle growth for several agonising minutes, seemingly being passed along a conveyor belt of jungle vines. 


Vicky skidded to a halt, leaves fluttered back down from the air as she was no longer being dragged along. She quickly tried to stand but her legs were still tangled, slumping back to the sodden ground. 

Vicky tried to scream out in the direction she had last seen her friends, her voice was broken and her throat raw from previous cries for help, a feeble and scratchy sound came out, her friends would never have heard it. 

She swung her body around trying to grasp at the vines around her ankles before she could so much as grab the vines she was lifted right off the ground. Vicky dangled precariously as the world spun around and around, being upside down and completely helpless left Vicky even more terrified than before. 

More faint cries for help were followed by a stream of uncontrollable tears, rolling up over her forehead. 

The trees creaked and leaves rustled as something or someone was approaching, she braced herself of the terrifying consequences of what could follow. 

Vicky could not see anyone, she swung slowly around having no control of where she went or what she could see. But still, nothing. The rustling continued and Vicky felt herself getting higher, she was going up parallel to a large dark green tree trunk. The trunk had a sheen of rich oil and was smooth and bulky, Vicky couldn't see anything above her feet, yet still, she continued to slowly rise. 

But what she did see was the&nbs...

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