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from Assassinato Selva by Steven Smith

Copyright © 2019–2020 Imogen McKenzie

Chapter 10

"What about Edith?" Keeley was concerned. 

"Come on, look at her, do you think anyone is going to tangle with her when she is in that kinda mood?" Vicky smiled. Katie and Keeley looked at each other, figuring that Vicky was right, Edith's mood had been foul all day, who would dare pick a fight with her? 



The scorching sun was beating down through the overgrowth of trees, the intense heat giving the entire jungle a strange smell. 

“This place is freaking me out, something just isn’t right, someone should be out looking for us by now, surely?” Katie wept. 

“You think? Because I reckon, we have been left out here to die, that asshole of a guide has fucked off without a word. He knows that something is wrong with this place, and he lured us deep onto the jungle before making his exit.” Vicky was fuming. 

“Why though? Why leave us to fend for ourselves? What does that achieve?” Keeley added her thoughts. 

“Well, he has our money that was paid upfront for the tour. Profit seems to be the only reason behind leaving us out here, alone.” Vicky snarled as she thanked branch away from her face. 

Katie had seemed to fall behind as the trio walked along the beaten path. “Hey, guys, look.” 

Vicky and Keeley trudged back to their friend, “What is it?” Vicky questioned with a heavy sigh. 

“Look. The bushes are all trampled down here, someone has gone that way.” Katie exclaimed. 

“Yeah, someone may have been. But what if it wasn’t Edith?” Vicky was unsure that it was wise to just follow any downtrodden tracks. 

“It has to be, she hasn’t been gone too long. Who else could be out here?” 

Vicky let out a long sigh, “That is what I’m worried about.” 

Keeley began looking all around before turning back to her cousin, “Vicky is right Katie, what if someone else is out here with us? Would it be wise to stumble into them?” 



But before they could convince her further Katie was off, trudging through the bushes to follow the alternate path. 

“Katie!” Vicky glared at Keeley as their friend vanished into the thick bushes. 

“What now?” Keeley said nervously. 

“We can’t split up again, we will have to go with her.” Vicky clambered through the opening and tried to catch up to the young blonde. Keeley cautiously followed. 

“Hey! Lara Croft, wait up will ya?” Vicky called out. 

“She has to have gone this way, may...

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