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from Assassinato Selva by Steven Smith

Copyright © 2019–2020 Imogen McKenzie

Chapter 8

As Edith trudged through the huge tree's there was very little daylight seeping through the heavy jungle growth, she needed her torch to navigate her way. By now she had cooled off a little, the moist jungle air was invigorating. Deep down though, she was beyond troubled, her mind racing in every direction. The task in hand though was to make it through till morning, she figured it was anything between fifteen and twenty miles back to the village, from there a short ferry ride back to the mainland, and then the hotel in Rio. 

It felt like a million miles, but Edith was strong willed and nothing could stop her from walking all night if she had to. Edith could hear Vicky's voice trailing behind her, leaves rustled as she got closer and closer. "Please stop, I need you to stop and think what your doing?" The feeble attempts at her arm were shrugged off as the big Scot defiantly kept moving. 

"Please Edith, don't make me beg," Vicky grabbed her leg and sunk to her knees, being partly dragged along by Edith's strong legs. 

"Let me go, see? Your doing it again, being all weird on me," Vicky instantly let go of Edith's thigh and remained on her knees as the Scot trudged on, she was quick to g...

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