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from Assassinato Selva by Steven Smith

Copyright © 2019–2020 Imogen McKenzie

Chapter 6

Keeley set off back in the direction of Lake Blue, the clouds were turning black and she began to worry about getting caught in some tropical thunderstorm. She quickened her pace and swiftly made her way through the jungle growth; large leaves would occasionally slap back at Keeley with a splatter. "Fuck sake, stupid fucking plants," she swiped another huge leaf from her path.  

Keeley finally reached the clearing; she didn't remember coming across so many leaves when travelling in the opposite direction. Once again, she could see the glorious vivid colours of Lake Blue, her backpack was still tucked back into bushes a few yards from the pool edge.  

A quick stroll over to her stuff was halted when she heard rustling, Keeley froze on the spot and stared at the large growth of trees and bushes to her left. "Hello? Is someone there?" Keeley waited but no one replied, slowly she stepped forward and grabbed the handles to her backpack, she scooped it off the ground flinging the handles over each shoulder.  

She could see her bra still dangling from a nearby branch and moved to retrieve it, but again more rustling could be heard. Her eyes darted in the direction of the sound and again she froze on the spot, slowly she lowered the hood of her top and focused intently on the area of disturbance. "If someone is there then you need to stop fucking around, do you hear me?" Keeley's voice was sharp.  

When nothing further happened Keeley slowly reached out for her bra keeping her eyes on the bushes behind, she clasped the strap to her bra and attempted to pull it off the branch. The garment seemed snagged and Keeley tried to yank harder, it wouldn't budge and Keeley's frustration increased. She turned back to the snagged garment and began to use both hands to untangle her blue bra, "Stupid fucking plants, how the hell did it even-?" Keeley was stunned at just how tangled her garment had become. A few moments of frustration and Keeley snapped the final green twisted vine from her bra, she s...

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