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from Assassinato Selva by Steven Smith

Copyright © 2019–2020 Imogen McKenzie

Chapter 3

The women followed the small group of fellow passengers up along a small dirt path, and into the tiny village. Tall tree's surrounded the buildings and gave partial cover with their huge overhanging leaves. There was maybe thirty to forty wooden huts, homes of the residents from Ilha Azul Lago. Petrol powered generators gave an intermittant flicker in the lighting, this tiny village though was bustling with an energy form of its own. There were a few larger buildings to the left and on the right seemed to be some sort of bar, many chairs and tables were situated outside and empty brown bottles were scattered across much of the area. Music could be heard from inside, but it wasn't any kind of dukebox, this was real live music, carnival style drums acoustic instruments blasted out.

"Now were talking, lets grab a few beers ladies," Edith started off in the direction of the busy bar. "Edith, we need to get sorted first," Katie rolled her eyes and asked Keeley to go bring her back, they needed to meet the tour guide before heading off to get drunk, that wasn't even a good idea anyway.

Katie looked around and saw the logo of the company she had booked this trip with, it was a small building, partial crumbling stone that sort of looked like a small office. "That's it there, come on Vicky lets get this sorted so we can drag Edith away from any alcohol," Katie grabbed Vicky's hand and pulled her along to the small building. Just as they arrived a youngish man came out of the door and began to lock it behind him. "Excuse me, I'm looking for Escoban Dos Remos, we are here for a tour of the jungle." The man looked confused, he studied Katie seeming to be very distracted, she felt uncomfortable from his glare. "Mister Escoban, do you know him?" Vicky attempted to regain the mans attention. Again he looked utterly confused, "Selva?" He responded, he clearly did not speak English. "No no no, not Selva, Escoban," Katie reiterated to him.

The man pointed beyond the girls and said the same words, "Selva, selva?"

"I think he means 'jungle' Katie," Vicky quietly leant over and whispered in Katie's ear.

"Ohh, yes, Selva," Katie looked behind her and then back at the man, she then motioned walking using her fingers, "Selva, yes?"

The man smiled a virtually toothless grin, nodded his head and gestured a wave with his hand for them to follow him.

Katie looked at Vicky and shrugged her shoulders, Vicky responded the same way and gave an amused smile. They followed the man who made his way to the bar, seems going to this bustling drinking outlet would of been the best option in the first place. He led them to a young man serving at the bar, he was young and fresh faced, well dressed and had the most amazing pleasing smile, the man got his attention over the loud music and pointed towrads the girls. At first the barman seemed confused, angry even, but he soon smiled again once he ...

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