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from Assassinato Selva by Steven Smith

Copyright © 2019–2020 Imogen McKenzie

Chapter 1

Five-past twelve, Katie should have been on her lunch break now, but her ruthless boss was pestering her for a quote he had only given to her just half an hour prior. She looked around the office and she was the only one foolish enough to still be here. "Miss Harrison, have you got that quote or not?" A voice woke her from the daze she was in, realising she was staring into space instead of at her computer screen. "Yes, sorry, I'm almost done," sheepishly Katie focussed back on her screen and vigorously ploughed her fingers to the keyboard. 

On any other day this quote could have waited till after lunch, but today of all days, it needed to be done so that her boss could leave at 1 pm, he had a social meeting that was far more important than spending the afternoon in his office, and why not? After all he is the boss and it's a lovely sunny day outside. 

Katie let out a weary sigh as she sped the pointer of her mouse across the screen, clicking print in the top left corner of the screen, and with a few speedier clicks the printer across the office cranked into action. 

Katie now stood and swiped her jacket from the back of her seat, scooped her handbag from under the desk and sprinting towards the printing station in the far corner, the three pages were snatched together and flapped furiously as Katie ran over to her bosses' office door. "Here you go, sorry about the delay," Katie said softly hoping to not get scorched once more by his wrath, she waited a few agonising seconds, waiting for a response, a thank you maybe? Nothing, he stared at his screen keeping his back towards poor little Katie. 

Katie was about to give a sharp-edged sarcastic response, opting for edging away instead was probably a wise move. 

Meanwhile, three women in their twenties sat at a table in the city's busiest coffee shop, sipping their Cappuccino's and sniggering at each other's jokes. "Five past twelve she said, just enough time to get here from work, she only works around the corner," Vicky was a slim dainty blonde, intelligent and sensible. "Yer, can ye believe that numpty got herself a high-profile PA job in the city?" A bold Scottish accent boomed out in amusement. Edith was a bold burley scotch lady who was goth right to the very core, long dark hair, and clothes to match. 

The third and youngest of the group was Keeley, the twenty-year-old student was Katie's cousin, so jumping to her immediate defence was natural. "Leave it out Edith, no one gives Katie any credit. Yes, she may be a little hap-hazard but she always means well," Keeley said in a heartfelt tone. 

"Hap-hazard? She needs a warning sticker on her forehead, Edith almost choked with laughter. 

"Here you are, check this out girls," Vicky grabbed Edith's arm drawing her attention out on to the street. 

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