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The Inkwell Edit is a freelance editing business, owned by Madison Arsenault, offering proofreading, light copyediting, and heavy copyediting services. Madison is a proofreader and copy editor who bridges analytical skills with a love of words to make your content ready for your readers.
Madison Arsenault (The Inkwell Edit)

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Services offered

Proofreading   $30.00 per hour (USD)

Proofreading is the final step that ensures the quality of your work before it goes out to readers. It's a surface level edit that corrects spelling, punctuation, grammar, formatting, and word use. No project is complete without it.

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Copyediting   $36.00 per hour (USD)

Copyediting is a deeper look at your writing. In addition to proofread corrections, a copyedit will look at technical issues while creating a style guide specific to you. All copyedit corrections are made while maintaining your unique style and voice.

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Substantive/content/line editing   $45.00 per hour (USD)

Line Editing is a deeper dive into perfecting your manuscript that focuses on elevating your writing. Line editing addresses the impact and reading experience of your writing by editing for clarity and flow. Line by line your writing will be perfected.

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Please contact me via e-mail to discuss your project.

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