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I go through books at an alarming rate, sometimes more than one at a time, but always one on the go. I even sometimes pick up a book that I have already read and skip to the chapter I like the most just so I can delve into the world for a bit. Anyone else like that? I can’t be the only one.
Sarah Greenwood (Reading Nook)

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Services offered

Book review (written)   Free

Reviews consist of a few paragraphs about the book and what I thought, along with a star rating 1-5. I give my honest opinion on every book but cannot always guarantee a positive one. Review Policy: https://readingnook84.wordpress.com/review-policy

Author interview (written)   Free

I am happy to be involved in any Blog Tours, Cover Reveals, Sale Blitz, Book Blitz, Release Blitz and/or Author Interview’s as well as reviewing books. Review Policy: https://readingnook84.wordpress.com/review-policy

Proofreading   Free

I am also available to be a Beta/Proof reader for authors. If you are interested let me know and I will see if I can work your book into my schedule. Review Policy: https://readingnook84.wordpress.com/review-policy

Contact me

Please contact me via e-mail to discuss your project.

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