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Who Stole the Corporate Sausage: Journal Entries From The Work Place
by Dee Alexander

If you say my boss's name backwards, babies cry, mirrors shatter, and volcanoes erupt. Snarky tales about a narcissistic boss, questionable business practices and a woman who doesn't know what to shut up. "Sounds interesting!

In The Beginning

What happens if you play around in college, finally graduate and don’t get a job for the next five years? If you’re parents have enough money, they buy you a business. What happens if you graduate on time, work for the next five years and don’t hav...

My Boss Is An Asterisk Hole

My first day on the new job. My boss, we’ll call him Thomas for lack of a better name, left a note on my desk.

Meet me in conference room 13B at 11:45.

Fifteen minutes early I’m armed with pad and writing utensil looking for the conference ro...

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