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Autobiographical Fiction
The Horror which Became My Life: A cautionary tale of a housewife G
by Rose Wood

How your life can turn up-side down in 7 years. From a Parnell housewife to being offered a West Auckland gangsta boot ride, and all because he stole your car?? "Sounds interesting!


I used to sit and watch the rain in the most expensive street in the city. I felt I had reached my lowest point. It was usual to have a large house, with a spa corner bath, a spectacular view through the huge window. A view of my beautiful, yet desolate prison for t...

Sport Bra and Big Knickers
Always wear appropriate undergarments

Drinking is not my thing. A few drinks and he touched my leg. We went back to a room and he found my sport bra hiding my comedy tits, which he squeezed and sucked. He wasn't the best but he was something I wanted after years of horror. No gritting of the teeth to ge...

Chapter 3
To my children..

To my children my babies, my limbs I cannot reach... 

If soon I lose my footing my sons, promise you will shed no tears.

Don't follow me down this deep black hole or waste any of your precious years. Never pass the plate should it come your way Allow life or...

Chapter 4
The Saga of Court

Firstly I would like to make it clear that there is only one thing I want. 

I want to focus on my children’s wellbeing and to be their Mother again. Their advocate as they need it. I was their full time carer from birth until July 2017. I would...

Chapter 5

The pain of trawling through what has happened in the last year of horror. Then the hell I have been through to write it, it is close to reliving it. I have cried all over again. Seen the big picture of how I have been robbed. Robbed of my children. Robbed of my sou...

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