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Review your way to the top.

Reviewer of the Year

Your book reviews are excellent,
and we'd like to recognize that.

During our Book of the Year Competition, get your reviews in front of thousands of book lovers and take home our Reviewer of the Year award!

Here's how it works:

1. Read books & write reviews

This is the fun part! Authors can find you in our Service Directory and request a review, or you can write reviews of any of the published books in our Hot Off the Press section on your own. Write at least 3 reviews, paid or unpaid, to qualify for this year's Competition.

2. Readers vote you to the top

Post your review on your website as you normally would, then give us the link so we can show it off to all of our readers on the Discovery Feed. When they vote "thumbs-up" on your review, it pushes you to the top!

3. Win Reviewer of the Year

Get the most "thumbs-up" votes by the last day of our Winter Book Reading Party to win Reviewer of the Year. In addition to the big winner, four Finalists will also be selected.

Enter the Competition!

Step 1: Apply now for a listing in our director of reviewers

Winners & Prizes

1 Grand Prize Winner: Reviewer of the Year

If your reviews are popular and get the most votes, you could be our big winner! You'll win:

4 Runner-Up Finalists

If you're selected as one of four runners-up, you'll win:

What is the Reviewer of the Year Competition?

While our authors are competing for Book of the Year, they're reaching out to as many expert book reviewers as possible in an effort to earn good review ratings and win the Book of the Year Award.

Meanwhile, an equally important competition is taking place. It's a race to become Reviewer of the Year, and its an award that's bestowed upon the reviewer who's earned the most "thumbs-up" votes from readers for the reviews they've posted at ChapterBuzz.

How do I win Reviewer of the Year?

Once you post three reviews, either before or during the Winter Book Reading Party, you're automatically entered into the Reviewer of the Year Competition.

For every reader that votes "thumbs-up" on your review, you get closer to winning! For each review you post, we give you a snippet of HTML code to paste at the end of your review that sends readers directly to the page where they can vote on your review.

How do I become an expert book reviewer?

If you are a book reviewer and you have your own website, the first step is to list your review service in our Service Directory so that authors can find you.

How do I post a review?

First, decide on a book to review. You may be approached by the author via your listing in our Service Directory, or you may decide to write a review on your own of one of the books in our Hot Off the Press section. If you're trying to find a particular book, use our Search page.

Once you're on the book's main page, click the "Add review" button on the book's main page and follow the prompts. (If you do not see the "Add review" button, it's because either the book is not eligible to be reviewed, or you are not eligible to review it because you don't have a review service listed in our Service Directory.)

Do I get paid to write reviews?

It's up to you. As a service provider listed in our Service Directory, you can offer free or paid reviews. (If you decide to charge for reviews, it's not ChapterBuzz that pays you. Rather, you'll be working on a freelance basis directly with the author, and arrangements for work & payment are made between you and the author.)

Can an author request that I not post a review?

There is no hard-and-fast rule here. Some authors may request that if the review is mostly negative, it not be linked to their book on ChapterBuzz. But since you'll be working on a freelance basis directly with the author, you and the author will set the terms of your agreement before you start reviewing. It's best practice to have an agreement before doing any freelance work so that each party knows what to expect from the other.

Keep in mind that you are also permitted to write unsolicited reviews and submit the links on our site. All we ask is that you be respectful and put yourself in the shoes of others when considering whether to post a particular review.

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