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by Barry B. Wright

Chapter One
Waiting Until Dark

Tonight, his approach to her bedroom window is stealthier than his previous visits. The community has been alerted to his presence. Though unintended, he had killed. He crouched and scanned his surroundings. Respected in the community, he was above suspicion. But he...

Chapter Two

Sunnyvale is located on the southern shores of the fresh waters of Georgian Bay Ontario, three hours north of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Originally named Stuart Mills after its first resident, it changed when the community was informed that they could not use t...

Chapter Three

Juarez was like the House of Mirrors at a fair, his mastery of camouflage had even hidden him from himself. He was an actor who played a part in a very dangerous game and who had come to accept that the identity he assumed was in part a reflection of who he really w...

Chapter Four
A Shaky First Stage

Paul Federocko restrained his impulse to run and kept his eyes focused ahead. He did not want to attract even the slightest attention. But his height, size and thick blonde hair naturally drew attention from each passerby. Several police cruisers, sirens blazing, sp...

Chapter Five
Taking Charge

Julia Gibbs’s high-back chair had barely become cold when Ramon Zdunczyk sat his fat ass in it. With a large double-double in one hand and a Boston cream donut in the other, he swiveled round to face the back wall and planted one foot against it, followed by t...

Chapter Six
An Unexpected Meeting

Charlotte Bradley sat nervously awaiting the results of the operation on her close friend Julia Gibbs. Gathered in bunches throughout the crowded waiting room of the Owen Sound Hospital were police and news reporters. She remembered a time five years ago when she wa...

Chapter Seven

Edward Slocum and Janet Thompson landed at Lester B. Pearson Airport from Ottawa shortly after 6:00 p.m. Since the plane was half-full, disembarkation was made that much easier since they had only their carry-on to worry about. They by-passed the baggage carousel an...

Chapter Eight
"One For All, and All For One"

“All of this must appear so much on the fly and we’re sorry about that,” Beatrice said. “But, be patient. It’s not unusual at this stage. Once all the parts are up and running everything will be tickety-boo.” She drew in a deep br...

Chapter Nine
The Phone Call

Edward stood in his old office. Five days had passed since the meeting at the home of Kenenstatsis. He surveyed the room. Not much has changed. A new chair or two but otherwise the same. The sun poured in through the large window. He took in a deep breath a...

Chapter Ten
Pine Meadows

Edward left Soranus Pharmaceuticals much later than expected. His meeting with the Board of Directors had gone smoothly and by the end of the day he had signed a six-month contract. He found his luncheon with Jagdeep, on the other hand, strangely unsettling. From th...

Chapter Eleven
Coffee and Martha Stewart's Pancakes

“Have a rough night?” Charlotte asked. She poured coffee into her mug and then filled his.

“That obvious, eh?” Edward stared at his Marvin the Martian mug

“You’re sure not pretty to look at if that’s what your as...

Chapter Twelve

Carmella’s skin shone with vitality as she neatly applied the finishing touches to her make-up. Her cellphone pinged. The messenger was unknown, but his signature familiar and trustworthy. Juarez will be at Barrhead Sports Bar and Grill at 6 pm. She examined h...

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