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from Welcome to My Garden by Barry B. Wright

Copyright © 2019–2021 Barry B. Wright

Chapter Fifty-Two
Aidan: Part Three: Unfolding New World

“Don’t touch that!” shouted Htebazile.

Crouched, Ennea jerked her hand back. “How dare you speak to me like that! I am queen of AYOH!” Flush with pent up emotion, she bestowed a scorching stare upon Htebazile. She was not accustomed to being startled in such a manner. Reverence is what she expected but it was lacking in this young girl. “Look at your workers in the field. They languish serenely on the flowers’ petals. I only want one to add beauty to where we go.” She began to reach out again.

“No Ennea! They are not workers!” Neas appeared from behind Htebazile. “There is no beauty, my wife. It deceives you. Only devastation! Tell her Htebazile!” He handed his daughter to Eoz.

“They do not sleep by their own choice.” Htebazile drew closer. “They have been seduced by the hypnotizing hum strung by the cords within the plants.”

“I hear no hum,” Ennia replied.

“But you feel it. Your out-stretched hand keeps time with its beat. Stand and move slowly toward me.”

“For the sake of our daughter, Alyakim, do as she asks! Now!”

“I can’t. My legs feel mired in quicksand. I am caught within its spiderly web.”

Htebazile nocked an arrow and fired it into the plant. A soul chilling screech exploded from the open mouth of the large flower, pushing the rising crescendo and its doppler effect against painful eardrums. Like earmuffs, hands of the surrounding people pressed hard against their ears to muffle the piercing intrusion. Then silence dropped like a lead curtain. Neas and Htebazile rushed forward and dragged Ennea away. Still unable to stand, Ennea’s chest heaved as she gulped in air.

Htebazile glanced skyward then directed two of her compatriots to lift Ennea and carry her down the path. “Precious time has been lost. We must move at lightning speed. Never leave this path no matter what you see or hear. WE will teach you how to live safely here.” A white fur dog with a la...

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