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from Sunnyvale by Barry B. Wright

Copyright © 2019–2021 Barry B. Wright

Chapter Seventeen
Eunice Burnetski

The patchwork of green and brown that scattered across the hilltop facing the Sunnyvale Golf and Country Club became even more varied from shadows cast by clouds streaming overhead. Leaves from bountiful maple trees gently fluttered to the ground adding to the plethora of scarlets and gold already present. James Brant adjusted his position. An earthy odour oozed up to assail his nostrils while the leafy carpet beneath him crackled. He had already been there three hours. Cold air seeped through his clothing and he shivered. He rolled onto his back and glanced at Chris Frohbieter. “Damn! This is not working. Did you get any good shots?” Chris peered at his superzoom, Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ300 camera and shook his head. James returned to focusing his binoculars. “There’s another limo coming. Let’s move in that direction for a better angle.”

“We could do that, but it’s not going to matter. We’d just expose our presence.”

James sighed. He knew Chris was right. The canopy over the entrance and the tall opaque screening that lined the length of the drive were unexpected hindrances. He chastised himself for not even remotely considering it in his planning. “Find out what Eunice is picking up from the eavesdropping devices.”

When James had asked Julia Gibbs whom she would recommend for this type of job, he did not expect someone like Eunice Burnetski. Young and very streetwise, any doubts he might have had about her credentials quickly evaporated during their first meeting. Black appeared to be her favorite color and leather her garb. The middle finger in each hand wore a substantial skull and crossbones ring while the other fingers each broadcasted uniquely designed smaller rings. He had made a mental note to ask her about them. His initial prejudice toward her, which had more to do with him, had to do with his aversion to what he called body candy. A pretty girl, her face, neck, and hands were tattooed. He could only assume the rest of her body was also a mural of sorts. Her lip and nose exhibited a stud while the slight lisp she had when she spoke was due to a stud in her tongue. The large ring that pierced each ear lobe, he mischievously surmised balanced the other hardware and kept her head upright on her neck. He could accept her unconventionality but the fact that she was a smoker, and a c...

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