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from Angel Maker by Barry B. Wright

Copyright © 2019–2020 Barry B. Wright

Chapter Seventy-Three
Approaching Warszawa Główna

Twenty minutes outside of Warsaw, Captain Hall was alerted by a commotion. Across from her, Pavel was asleep. Already on her feet, she shook him hard. “Pavel! Wake up! It’s Queenie!” She slipped into the aisle and ran towards the back of the coach. Pavel’s heavy step was in close pursuit.

“He knows!” Queenie shouted. “We must warn them!”

“Who knows? Warn whom?” Captain Hall asked.

“Oh, thank God you’re here, Captain Hall.” Queenie grabbed onto her hands and pulled her closer.

“Что, черт возьми, происходит?”

“Eh?” Richard replied. The confusion written on his face matched the others who stared at Pavel in silence.

Pavel cleared his throat then repeated in English, “What the hell is going on?”

Elsa’s gaze fixed on Queenie. “Well! Are you going to tell him?!”

“I’ll tell you what the hell is going on,” Queenie snorted. “Werner knows who Vaclav is.”

Elsa surveyed the group. “Who’s Vaclav?”

“Are you sure?” asked Captain Hall.

Queenie rolled her eyes with a dismissive cock of her head. &...

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